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SIHGA® TeFix® SIHGA® TeFix® stainless steel screw
The new Sihga® TeFix® screw can be screwed on cleanly on patios and facades without pre-drilling and countersinking. BENEFITS > fastens wood to wood without pre-drilling and countersinking > prevents cracking or splitting of the woods in...
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SIHGA GleitFix AE SIHGA® GleitFix® AE
SIHGA GleitFix is a further development of the SIHGA DielenFix. Now also for start and end boards New are special fasteners for the start and end of a terrace. With GleitFix AE, Sihga has also succeeded in screwing these boards invisibly...
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JustiFix II JM SIHGA® JustiFix® II JM
Prevents direct contact of the supporting structure to the foundation. SIHGA ® MEDIATHEK To eliminate waterlogging of JustiFix® II JM provides valuable assistance. At the same time it saves a lot of work, because the height adjustment...
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Stainless steel MOUNTS EXTERIOR WOOD PROFESSIONAL AND PERMANENTLY The L-GoFix 5.0 mm is replaced by the SIHGA® TeFix® 5.0 mm stainless steel screw! In mounting pack or object pack incl. assembly instructions, pencil S1 and SIHGAFIX...
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TerrassenFix Aqua 1000 mm SIHGA® TerrassenFix Aqua 1000 mm
Drainage grate to protect the seals in passages Aluminum profile with special geometry Perforation for quick water drainage grooved surface developed for universal use delivered in 1000 mm length Including BohrFix® FB 4.2 x 28 BENEFITS...
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From €52.80 * €93.72 *
THE UNIVERSAL CONSTRUCTIVE WOOD PROTECTION SIHGA ® MEDIATHEK The KompeFix® II KF creates distance between the timber and thus ensures good ventilation and long life of the woods. The KompeFix® II KF is simply placed and fixed in several...
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SIHGA GleitFix GF SIHGA® GleitFix® GF
SIHGA GleitFix is a further development of the SIHGA DielenFix. The successor to the DielenFix is a one-part system, which is fastened to the underside of the floor with three screws. The clip connection between the two glass fiber...
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SIHGA DielenFix DF SIHGA® DielenFix® DF
It is essential for the durability of terraces is that the planks (decking) are infringed neither at the top nor at the lateral edges - exactly these important conditions are met the DielenFix®. His height of 6 mm ensures perfect...
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SIHGA® L-GoFix® MS Edelstahl rostfrei, schwarz SC 9 SIHGA® L-GoFix® MS stainless steel black coated...
Stainless steel MOUNTS EXTERIOR WOOD PROFESSIONAL AND PERMANENTLY In mounting pack or object pack incl. assembly instructions, pencil S1 and SIHGAFIX stainless steel. The protected L-GoFix® MS multistage head combines high pullout force...
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SIHGA® Pfalu® SIHGA® Pfalu®
Ideal for fences and screens. Quick, simple, straightforward and safe installation of fence posts. When mounting fence posts or railings, fitters have to struggle with inclined foundations. In order to position the posts in a straight...
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SIHGA® Pfalu® Aquastop® 5 SIHGA® Pfalu®-Aquastop®
Fastening system for handrail posts on flat roof waterproofing > Ideally suited for railings and privacy screens > Infinitely variable and easily accessible inclination adjustment up to 4 ° in all directions > Reinforcement of the...
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SIHGA JustiFix II JK 90 SF SIHGA® JustiFix® II JK
Ø 215 mm footprint SIHGA ® MEDIATHEK ONLY TWO MODELS FOR DISTANCES OF 30-500 MM Since the direct contact of the substructure is a terrace with the floor to be avoided, the JustiFix ® II JK offers valuable assistance. Using the JustiFix ®...
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