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SIHGA® TeFix® SIHGA® TeFix® stainless steel screw
The new Sihga® TeFix® screw can be screwed on cleanly on patios and facades without pre-drilling and countersinking. BENEFITS > fastens wood to wood without pre-drilling and countersinking > prevents cracking or splitting of the woods in...
Content 200 PCE (€0.26 * / 1 PCE)
From €51.68 * €79.51 *
Stainless steel MOUNTS EXTERIOR WOOD PROFESSIONAL AND PERMANENTLY The L-GoFix 5.0 mm is replaced by the SIHGA® TeFix® 5.0 mm stainless steel screw! In mounting pack or object pack incl. assembly instructions, pencil S1 and SIHGAFIX...
Content 100 PCE (€0.25 * / 1 PCE)
From €24.66 * €41.10 *
THE UNIVERSAL CONSTRUCTIVE WOOD PROTECTION SIHGA ® MEDIATHEK The KompeFix® II KF creates distance between the timber and thus ensures good ventilation and long life of the woods. The KompeFix® II KF is simply placed and fixed in several...
Content 1 PCE
From €13.80 * €24.92 *
SIHGA® L-GoFix® MS Edelstahl rostfrei, schwarz SC 9 SIHGA® L-GoFix® MS stainless steel black coated...
Stainless steel MOUNTS EXTERIOR WOOD PROFESSIONAL AND PERMANENTLY In mounting pack or object pack incl. assembly instructions, pencil S1 and SIHGAFIX stainless steel. The protected L-GoFix® MS multistage head combines high pullout force...
Content 200 PCE (€0.36 * / 1 PCE)
From €72.16 * €103.09 *
FassadenClip FCS SIHGA® FassadenClip® FCS
FOR SIGHT SCREWED MOUNTING The FassadenClip® FCS is the optically perfect solution for fastening wood facades. Facade woods 57-95 mm profile height can thus not be affixed visibly screwed. The special shape of FassadenClip® FCS provides...
Content 300 PCE (€1.02 * / 1 PCE)
From €305.91 * €509.93 *
5 SIHGAFIX Edelstahl rostfrei TX 10 - 60 mm 5 SIHGAFIX®
Give the rust no chance. SIHGA ® MEDIATHEK SIHGAFIX® is manufactured from hardened, stainless steel, making it the only way to rust, arising during the screwing of stainless steel screws to exclude. And thus avoid costly and...
Content 5 PCE (€3.65 * / 1 PCE)
From €18.24 * €31.20 *
F-BohrFix ZB SIHGA® F-BohrFix® ZB 3,2 x
OPTIMAL FOR FIXING OF FACADE FORMWORK (tongue and groove). SIHGA ® MEDIATHEK No pre-drilling the F-BohrFix® example is bolted simply and extremely clean. The SIHGA®Bohrspitze penetrates very quickly that special SIHGA® head shape allows...
Content 200 PCE
From €17.92 * €25.60 *
THE UNIVERSAL SPACER SIHGA ® MEDIATHEK By FugiFix® FF can be easily generated in facade construction and in building terraces a precisely uniform joint. The easy handling is joint widths can be from 5, 6, 7 and 8 mm adjust easily. (Joint...
Content 5 PCE (€3.72 * / 1 PCE)
€18.60 * €31.08 *
5 pc SIHGA® TEBIT® stainless steel TX 20 - 60 mm 5 pc SIHGA® TEBIT® stainless steel TX 20 - 60 mm
SIHGA® TEBIT® rust-free holds the screw without a magnet and prevents extraneous rust special bit with hold function the screws remain without holding on and without a magnet on the bit also enables assembly overhead and difficult to...
Content 5 PCE (€7.07 * / 1 PCE)
€35.34 * €56.40 *