Sanding sponge

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Sanding sponge P180 fein 600907 P180 fein €1.80
Sanding sponge P100 mittel 603329 P100 mittel €1.80
Sanding sponge P60 grob 603330 P60 grob €1.80
Product information "Sanding sponge"

120 x 95 x 11 mm

Suitable for wet and dry grinding
Grit is coated with silicon carbide
Adapts perfectly to all contours

The sanding mats are coated with aluminium oxide on two sides and are made of pressure-distributed foam, which ensures perfect adaptation to the workpieces. Both dry and wet sanding is possible.

These mats are suitable for processing paint, filler and varnish. Sanding substrates, surfaces and profiles, wood sanding of lacquers, sanding of paint defects or even fine sanding of wood is no problem with the sanding mats.