OSMO Graying Stain

Product nr Options Price
OSMO Graying Stain 6656 Grey-Effekt Light 6656-1000 6656 Grey-Effekt Light €57.00
OSMO Graying Stain 6657 Grey-Effekt Medium 6657-1000 6657 Grey-Effekt Medium €57.00
OSMO Graying Stain 6658 Grey-Effekt Intense 6658-1000 6658 Grey-Effekt Intense €57.00
Product information "OSMO Graying Stain"

Greying stain for Oak in 3 different intensities!

Osmo Reaktionsbeize is ideal for staining furniture, stairs, floorboards and other wooden elements made from Oak.

>  Three different colour intensities
>  Especially developed for professionals
>  Ideal for creating an aged look on Oak surfaces
>  Sizes: 1.0 l
>  Coverage: 1 litre covers approx. 10-15 m2 with one coat.

Finished surface in 1 day, 2 coats

With a saturated Osmo Microfibre Roller, apply the stain to smaller areas (furniture, stairs etc.) evenly, seamlessly and quickly. Always work with the wood grain. Spread out immediately with a brush. Since lap marks can easily appear on larger areas, we recommend applying the stain a pump sprayer and spreading it out with a saturated lint-free cloth.
Allow to dry for 3-5 hours. Ventilate well.
If possible, even out the surface with a white pad carefully without damaging the effect of the Reaktionsbeize.
After drying, a surface treatment with a clear or transparent Osmo coating for the interior is recommended.